Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Hundreds of people walk through your business doors each week. This is great for your business, but it’s not so great for your carpets. Each visitor tracks in dirt, dust, and grime resulting in uneven wear and tear and tough stains.

With all the options business owners in Bronxville, Pelham and Scarsdale in NY have in choosing the right carpet cleaning service, Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp is the only company whose sole purpose is to ensure your satisfaction.

Our carpet care program will not only keep your business looking bright and clean, but will add years to the life of your carpet. Our certified professionals will assess your specific business needs and develop a program that will help you protect your carpet investment for the long-term. We are honest and direct in our dealings, so when we provide an estimate for commercial carpet cleaning, it fully describes the service we will provide and the costs involved. With Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp there are no hidden charges.

Whether you are in need of a one-time cleaning or a cleaning schedule, we are the go-to cleaning company in Bronxville, Pelham and Scarsdale in NY.


“Our customer’s satisfaction and the quality of our work are our top priorities.”

Celso Portilho- Founder

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Brighten Your Business

Our certified technicians at Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp are trained to ensure impeccable results for any carpet, keeping your business looking clean and fresh with a completely restored and deodorized carpet.

Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp is the trusted professional cleaning service you can count on to renovate your carpet and brighten your business! If you are a business owner in Bronxville, Pelham or Scarsdale in NY, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us today!