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Whether you are looking to renew the appearance of your home or looking for a clean and healthy space for you and your family, your carpet is where to start. Residents in Bronxville, Pelham and Scarsdale in NY have trusted Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp. for their residential cleaning needs for decades. 

Cleaning your carpet often helps to maintain its new appearance. Some people worry that cleaning too frequently will cause carpet to age more quickly, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. Allowing dirt to build up within a carpet’s pile will age the carpet prematurely. To get the best results it is recommended that you clean your carpet several times a year.

Even in areas with minimal foot traffic, airborne dust and soil agents accumulate on carpet over time. When dirt is allowed to build up in a carpet’s pile, it can scar the fibers and give the carpet a dirty appearance that will remain even after professional cleaning. In other words, if you wait until the carpet looks dirty it may be too late! To learn more about carpet care or any of our other fine services, call the experts at Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp.

residential carpet cleaning service

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Don’t expose your family to messy or stained carpets. Instead, invest in Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp! We provide home owners in Bronxville, Pelham and Scarsdale in NY with exceptional carpet cleaning services. With decades of experience, we have created a long standing relationship with hundreds of residential clients. Our professional cleaners have developed a solid reputation in delivering top-quality service at an excellent value.

Call our IICRC Certified experts at Sparrow Carpet Cleaning Corp and trust us to leave your carpets with a soft and comfortable feel, fresh and renewed smell, and a deep and professional clean that lasts.